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4 Myths of Miscarriage

There are several things that can cause a pregnant woman to miscarry. However, not everything that Bumil heard was true. Examples are the following 4 myths that cause miscarriages. Miscarriage is an event in which a fetus dies in the womb before 20 weeks' gestation. Generally, miscarriages occur because the fetus does not grow properly during the womb, there are health problems in the mother, such as infection and uterine abnormalities, to habits or unhealthy lifestyles. Myth Causes of Miscarriage In addition to some of the above, it turns out there is a lot of wrong information or myths related to the cause of miscarriage. Although actually wrong, some of these myths are actually believed by the public. What are the myths about the cause of miscarriage? 1. Eat spicy food There are theories that say that eating spicy foods can cause contractions or miscarriages, but so far there is no evidence to support this. So, it can be concluded that spicy food is safe to consume while
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4 skin problems that often occur during pregnancy and how to overcome them

The appearance of skin problems during pregnancy is often a complaint of pregnant women. This skin problem can make pregnant woman's self-confidence decrease. Come on, know what skin problems that often occur during pregnancy and how to overcome them. Various things can cause skin problems during pregnancy, ranging from changes in hormone levels and blood circulation in the body, decreased immune system function, to weight gain. Various Skin Problems in Pregnant Women The following are some skin problems that often arise during pregnancy: 1. Black spots on the face (pregnancy mask) One skin problem that often causes discomfort in pregnant women is the appearance of black patches on several parts of the skin, such as the forehead, cheeks, nose, and above the lips In order to make the black spots less obvious, Bumil can do the following ways: Use sunscreen with SPF 15 when pregnant women want to leave the house. Wear a hat or umbrella that can protect your skin from exposu

Pain When Urinating Beware Of These Conditions

Pain when urinating can be a sign of a problem in your urinary tract. This condition can be felt as pain, discomfort and pain in the pathway of urine, behind the pubic bone, bladder or prostate. Immediately find out the cause and handled quickly and precisely. If pain when urinating occurs at the beginning or during urination, this may indicate disease in the urethra (urinary tract from the bladder outside the body). While pain after urination, can indicate something wrong with the bladder or prostate. Various Causes of Pain When Urinating Pain when urinating is more common in women than men. If it occurs in men, this pain is more common in older men than those who are young. Those who feel pain when urinating may also have the urge to urinate more often. Pain when urinating can be caused by various diseases, such as: Urinary tract infection UTI is most often caused by the entry of bacteria into the urinary tract through the urethra. Infection can occur in any part of the